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About us

HTK HAMBURG was founded in 1978. The company has always worked closely with its partners; well-known universities, research centres and international organisations. Our wide product range has enabled us to rapidly provide customers with standard solutions, and using our wealth of technical experience, design bespoke products for individual applications. Our technology is based upon using the highest quality materials, which have been shown to be the most reliable and efficient available on the market. Specialty products such as HTK Ultra Bond 100® and HTK Ultra Strip 100® are exclusively developed and distributed by HTK Hamburg. These high quality products exceed the adhesive strength requirements stipulated in DIN EN 582, and have proved to be totally reliable over many years.

We have the solution

Standard products and individual solutions which meet our customer needs, innovation, experience gained worldwide as well as comprehensive and in-depth know-how are just as valuable to our clients as absolute on-time delivery, reliability and quality down to the last detail.


Through experience gained worldwide and extensive know-how we can offer our customers solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements.


HTK is certified by well-known companies and institutions in Europe and Asia. For our clients this means reliability and trust in our products and services. Our team consists of highly trained professionals with many years of industry experience and understanding of everyday business.


In close cooperation with our partners, well-known universities and research centers, the HTK HAMBURG® continues to introduce innovative technologies to the market.


We aim to constantly improve the quality of our products and services while maintaining a high standard.

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