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The HTK HAMBURG® GMBH founded in 1978 is involved in the design and distribution of innovative and technical products which require declaration. In close cooperation with our partners, well-known universities and research centers, the HTK HAMBURG® continues to introduce innovative technologies to the market.


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Our products

Gas analysers

Gas analysers are available as mechanical or fully electronic systems for a variety of gas types, flow ranges and applications…

Gas mixers

Gas mixing and gas metering devices are available as mechanical or fully electronic systems for a variety of gas types, flow ranges and applications…

Flow meters / regulators

We supply you with innovative devices and solutions for your flow measurement and regulating tasks…

Gas detection systems / sensors

The monitoring of gases and vapours is necessary in many industrial and commercial buildings in order to satisfy the legal requirements and guidelines for occupational / operational safety and for explosions and emissions protection…


The easyHTK® software is an easy-to-use modular system for a variety of applications in the field of measurement and control technology…

Brazing materials

Vitta brazing materials and powders are used in:
– Building, overhauling and repair of gas and steam turbine engine (aerospace jet / power generation) components and parts.
– Fabrication of medical instruments, implants and equipment …

People to contact

Our team consists of highly trained professionals with many years of industry experience and understanding of everyday business. This has always been a basic requirement for successful work with HTK. Its starts with the initial consultation and extends to the timely delivery of the products. The experts of our service and support teams ensure constant communication with your company and operational safety during all relevant processes.

Gunnar A. Baumert

Gunnar A. Baumert

Consultation / Project development

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Markus M. Baumert

Markus M. Baumert

Service / Technology

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Rasmus F. Baumert

Rasmus F. Baumert

Sales / Office Staff

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Joachim M. Baumert

Joachim M. Baumert

Account staff / Finance

EN ISO 9001:2015 certified company since 1994

All managers are personal members of the Assembly of Respectable Salesmen Hamburg e. V. (Registered Association)