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HTK Ultra Strip 100®

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HTK ULTRA STRIP 100® is a remarkably effective solvent composition …

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Product Description

… for removing of cured HTK ULTRA BOND 100®. It initiates and promotes flaking and breaking rather than pure solvent action.

  • HTK ULTRA STRIP 100® is reusable several times
  • HTK ULTRA STRIP 100® is completely miscible with water and is 100% biodegradable.
  • HTK ULTRA STRIP 100® is a mobile liquid with a mild pleasant odour.


HTK ULTRA STRIP 100® should be poured into a suitable glass, aluminium or stainless steel container. The container is then placed on a covered hot plate or in a water bath, etc., and heated to 120-170°C. For removing the HTK ULTRA BOND 100® the components will be dipped into the heated HTK ULTRA STRIP 100® – Liquid for some minutes. You remove the component with a metal tong and wash it with water or ketone solvent. Now you may blow off loosened HTK ULTRA BOND 100® flash with compressed air. If applicable repeat the procedure.

HTK ULTRA STRIP 100® will disintegrate HTK ULTRA BOND 100® when used hot. The preferred temperature range for use is 105°C to 175°C. It is not a selective system and will attack certain thermoplastics including wire coating insulations and some thermoset coatings. It does not attack most metals or platings.

  • Toxicity is low LD50 = 70cc/Kg
  • Boiling Point is 200°C
  • Flash Point (open cup) is 95°C
  • Auto Ignition Temperature is 350°C
  • Vapour Pressure
    – at 24°C 1mm Hg
    – at 93°C 18mm Hg
    – at 177°C 375mm Hg
  • CAS Num. 872-50-4
  • EG-Index Num. 606-021-00-7


HTK ULTRA STRIP® 100 can be diluted with 10 times ist volume of water before discarding. It is also miscible with most common solvents. HTK ULTRA STRIP 100® may be discharged into aqueous waste streams. Consult prevaling pollution regulations before discharging into the waste stream.


HTK Ultra Strip 100® is available in 0,25 litre containers. The Shelf Life is 12 month.


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