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FM® 1000 (Sample Unit)

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FM® 1000 is a modified polyamide-epoxy unsupported adhesive film and is especially developed for bonding metals, structural plastic laminates …

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Product Description

… and various composite structural plastic sandwiches. FM® 1000 adhesive film is serviceable over a temperature range of -423° to 200°F (-250°C to 95°C). Primers are not generally required for use with FM® 1000 adhesives to increase strength; however, two primers are available for use where processing requires „tacking“of the FM® 1000 adhesive film in place or for protection of clean details.

  1. BR® 1009-8 tack primer is used for room temperature tacking while
  2. BR® 1009-49 tack primer is used for „heat-tacking“ at 175°F (80°C).

FM® 1000 adhesive film, with and without primer, has been tested extensively against the requirements of Federal Specification MMM<A-132. A typical cure is 60 minutes at 340°F ±10°F (170°C ±6°C) at 40 psi (0.28 MPa).

Features and benefits

  • High lap shear and peel strength
  • Wide service temperature range; -423°F to +200°F
  • Designed for bonding metals, plastic laminates and composites
  • Qualified to MMM-A-132, Type I, Class 1
  • Designed for use in metal-to-metal and honeycomb sandwich structures


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